PanFM Chapter 4

by Mindbuffer

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From the origins of influence come the expansive processes of a dual-minded sensory source. Forming experiential functions through a synthesis of the biologically infinite, the integrative sampling of inter-external stimulus allows the progressive growth of a massing digital hybrid. Within the core of every frequencies' vibratory cell lies the essence of its experience. Once this exponential process takes on perceivable, human form, the architects of its creation give designation to both it and themselves. They are MindBuffer, and this is 'Pan FM'.

Awakened, this sonic engagement opens with a re-exploration into the complex nature and dynamic precision of MindBuffer's creative spawn. An evolutionary presence is felt and a deeper emotive influence forged into the definitive refinement of this colossal expression. The immensity of this presence is inspired further through the growling, mechanical modulations of 'Digital Silhouette'. A sonic environment feeds on an intensifying hunger, as the depths of its anticipation climax into the perpetual extensions of a neural beast's sonic onslaught. The interweaving slices of this perceptual creature generate rhythmic steps within a transformative machine. Following a copious measure of powerfully percussive intent given form through Anemone's will, the pieces disassemble and scatter into the timeless absolute. Outside the bounds of time a delve into the not-so distant past takes to the inspirational source once more, a stronger sense and perspective of growth given through an experience with the original 'Pan FM'.

Transcending the boundaries of its conceptualisation, XY01's digital sculpting facilitates birth of the technological mind. Quantum antennas channel dimensional feeds through configurative cycles, while integrative extensions process the properties of sensory perception. As transmissive nodes interlink neural pathways and cellular data with the space-time continuum, the structural brain now actualises within the three dimensional plane.

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released February 28, 2013

Artwork: XY01
Press Release: Corey West



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Enig'matik Records Melbourne, Australia

Discography of the now discontinued experimental label.

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